Thinks to do in Lembongaon Island

In Lembongan island, the activities are very much water-based such as Surfing, Snorkeling, Diving, Fishing, Seawalking and some water sports activities. Lembongan Island also is an excellent island for walking to view local peoples activities such as seaweed farmers, fisherman and other.

lembongan activities

    Thinks to do in Lembongan Island

  • Fishing Tour - inquiry more

    Our fishing tour using a traditional boat guided with our professional staff who know where fishes is
  • Surfing - inquiry more

    Use our long surfboard for free during your stay at Pantai Bungalow or join surfing lesson class
  • Snorkeling Tour - inquiry more

    There are many snorkeling site aroung Lembongan island like Gamat Bay, Ship Wreck, Wall Bay, Mangrove and other
  • Diving Package - inquiry more

    Diving is the main attraction in Lembongan island, you can join our scuba diving tour aroung Lembongan and Nusa Penida
  • Lembongan Island Full Day Tour - inquiry more

    Visit the interesting places in Lembongan such as beaches and see the local people activities
“The most fascination from Lembongan island is its coast owns the white sand, its sea water is clear with beautiful coral and very suited for diving or snorkeling and in part of its wave oens high wave so that represent the good place for surfing”