Photo Gallery of Pantai Bungalow

Pantai Bungalow Photos Gallery :: Stay in Lembongan Island

Photo gallery of Pantai Bungalow, the strategic Bungalow located in Jungut Batu Bay Lembongan Island

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What's in Lembongan?

Here are the random articles about Lembongan island, what to do, interesting places, and local attractions.
snorkeling lembongan island


Snorkeling spot in Lembongan like Manta Point, Crystal Bay, Mangrove Point, Mushroom Bay, and Lembongan Bay

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diving in lembongan island

Diving Packages

Diving package at the famous diving sites in Lembongan such as Crystal Bay, Blue Corner, Manta Point, SD Point, Pura Ped and Toya Pakeh

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regular fast boat from bali to lembongan

Regular Fast Boat

Regular and public fast boat departure from Sanur to Jungutbatu and Mushroom Bay Lembongan Island

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fishing in lembongan island

Fishing Tour

Fishing tour aroung Lembongan island, Ceningan and Nusa Penida for your holiday in Lembongan

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Our Bungalows

Our bungalow located in Jungut Batu Lembongan island and only 2 minutes from the jetty, we offer the clean and cheap room for your holiday in Lembongan.

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Fast Boat to Lembongan

To getting Lembongan island, we provide three fast boats depart from Sanur jetty to Jungut Batu with only 30 minutes crossing the sea.

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What to do in Lembongan?

We are native of Jungut Batu Nusa Lembongan and herewith we provide thinks to do in Lembongan. for your holiday more fun and unforgetable

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