Mangrove Tour Lembongan

Exploring Mangrove Forest in Lembongan Island
mangrove tour lembongan island

Mangrove Tour Lembongan Island

Mangrove plants are very important to protect the island from large waves and coastal erosion. Mangrove also a home for any kind of marine animal. The mangrove forest in Lembongan is located at North-East of the island.

To go to the Mangrove forest, you need to rent a scooter and will take about 10 minutes from Jungutbatu. You can rent a traditional boat operated by local people. The cost of this tour is around Rp. 80.000 - Rp. 250.000 and open every day except Nyepi day from 6 am until 7 pm.

At the starting point of the Mangrove Forest tour, you can see the small Waroeng and restaurant with a beautiful view of Mount Agung Bali. You can relax here while making a deal about the Mangrove tour or snorkeling.

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